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Shohei Ono

Born in Tokoname City, Aichi prefecture in 1985.

From an early age, he grew up with his parents who traveled mainly in Southeast Asia. He got to experience diverse religious viewpoints and cultures such as those in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Nepal. He also attended a nursery school in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, and has also experienced battling with typhoid fever in India. Khao San Road, a temple and backpacker's sanctuary on the side of the guest house where he stayed in Bangkok, is a playground for his childhood, and the people and scenery he saw there have a strong influence on his current works and ideas.

After graduating from high school, he worked in an office until the age of 25. In 2010, he traveled to Thailand, Cambodia, England, etc. to study graffiti and painting.In Thailand, he rented an apartment in Bangkok and painted his paintings at an artist's studio in the suburbs of Bangkok. While sharing a room in London, he mainly produced objet d'art.

After returning to Japan in 2012, he studied under Ryoji Koie. After that, he made a wood-fired kiln for a friend in Gifu prefecture. In Mie prefecture, he assisted the potter Kazuhiro Shimo. He also helped the potter Kazuhiro Tsubota to make a wood-fired kiln in Miyazaki Prefecture. In 2014, he studied under his father, Teppei Ono. After he became independent, he set up a workshop in Kochi prefecture.

In 2014 he had his first solo exhibition at Osaka City, wad. Since 2018, he has been expanding his portfolio by presenting works in CIBONE aoyama, EXHIBITION "BORDERLESS"; UTSUWA SHOKEN KAMAKURA exhibition; and in a ceramic art gallery in Taiwan. From 2017, he has been working on a full-scale production of his objet d'art called "The Rusty Figure" since becoming independent.





帰国後2012年に鯉江良二氏に師事。その後、岐阜県にて友人の薪窯の製作、三重県では陶芸家 下和弘氏の製作を手伝う。宮崎県でも陶芸家 壺田和弘氏の薪窯の製作を手伝う。2014年、父である小野哲平氏に師事。独立後、高知県に工房をかまえる。

2014年大阪・wadにて初個展。2018年CIBONE aoyamaにてEXHIBITION “BORDERLESS”、鎌倉・うつわ祥見にて個展、台湾・小器藝廊にて個展を開催。2017年からは独立当初から製作していたオブジェ「錆びるかたち」の製作を本格的に始める。